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"My children. My sweet, beautiful progeny. You must perform malicious theatre to acquire my cosmic crown. Release your shackles. Devalue your caution. Ward your love. Now is not the time for sympathy or cowardice. Now is the time for battle."
"You and you. Forcefully collide into the deep uncertainty of chaos. You or you will become the victor. Your brethren will fall onto the shores of expiration. You will rise, hold the golden light and be reborn as the new Lord of Cosmic. Infinite love to my sons & daughters."
Game Features
Couch Play

GetClose is a 1-4 player game where players must share the Wii U™ GamePad and Wii U™ Pro Controller as they battle it out on the TV. Score the most points and be named the new Overlord of the Cosmos.


Collect Food Points throughout your battles to unlock awesome Stamps. Use your new Stamps on Miiverse posts to showcase your glorious victories.

Game Modes

GetClose offers 3 game modes. Play as a team and grab the crown and capture it for points, hold on to the crown the longest in a free-for-all, or protect the crown at all costs.

Built on Framework

GetClose is built utilizing the Nintendo Web Framework. Pretty cool, yeah? We packed a lot of punch in those html tags. Contact us to find out more about our development process.

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Having trouble with GetClose? Maybe we can help.
Q. Which controllers work with GetClose?

A. GetClose uses the Wii U™ GamePad as the P1-2 controller and the Wii U™ Pro Controller for P3-4 controls. Make sure that the GamePad is synced to be the primary controller. Wii™ Remotes cannot be used with GetClose.

Q. Is there a single player mode?

A. Yes! Just switch the game mode over to "Protect the Crown" and play solo. You can also play with friends in this mode as well (co-op).

Q. Will there be updates?

A. Yes! We've already released several updates to GetClose since it launched last year, and we're working on more updates. We also hope to launch European versions of the game at some point. In the meantime, check out our next game, Placards or Super Treasure Adventure.

Q. Can I play on the GamePad only?

A. Yes you can! Just tap the "TV/GamePad" icon on the Main Menu to switch to GamePad only mode.

Q. You bums didn't answer my question(s)!

A. No worries. Just send us an email and we will try to help you out.

Updated: 4/30/2015

Our soundtrack for GetClose is available for free on Bandcamp. These exclusive tracks are remixed for your auditory nodes.

Core Team
Coder Guy Tim Jones Code & Design
Pizza Guy Michael Vaughn Green Art & Design
Pizza Guy Charlie Hoyt Jams & Sounds
Pizza Guy Justin Rainsberger Code & Optimization
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